Exclusive Coating

Platinum Coating

With the specially stable chemical property of platinum, platinum coating offers the top-notch stain and corrosion resistance, meanwhile makes no less shine nor gloss. 


TPU Raw Materials 
The whole series of NEON products are made of the most high-end TPU raw materials. They have excellent optical performance, yellow resistance, stretching, and other properties. NEON has the strictest performance standard across the globe. Over 9 years of atmospheric exposure tests show that NEON has the highest and the most stable performance making it extremely reliable.


Protection Film Multi-Layer Structure

Excellent Protection with Selections

We are dedicated to bring the best of the best paint protection film available on the market to you, with various selections and thickness: 


Superior Performance

Our flagship products have strong self-healing and excellent yellowing resistance which can make the film surface last long. Excellent protection performance has caught the attention of film shops and consumers from all over the world.


  1. Non-Yellowing TPU
    The yellowing depends on aliphatic TPU film. Our films comprise of the best TPU sourced from Lubrizol, which is the top core raw material across the globe.
  2. Self-Healing
    It has perfect self-healing performance wherein slight scratches like washing scratches, sun dazzlings, and interior scratches can be repaired in a second when over 158F water or heat is applied after which is it is restored to look as good as new.
  3. Anti-Fouling & Anti-Corrosion
    With its global unique patent coating, it can resist all kinds of pollution such as acid rain, insects, and gum while protecting the original paint for a long time.
  4. Increases The Brightness
    Through elaborate testing by professional instruments, the glossiness of our glossy paint protection film is up to 94, which is excellent and perfect by today’s global standards.