Sunroof Moonroof | Clear Paint Protection Film


Want to enjoy the view outside your sunroof but can't stand the heat? Specialized sun-roof paint protection film reduces sunlight, blocks UV light, and slows the car interior from aging.  Neon sunroof & moonroof film not only allow fresh air and daylight to come in, but also block heat, and reflect glare and ultraviolet light.


  1. TPU base film, 220um (8 mil) thickness, 15um coating, and 180 um base film

  2. Self-healing, nonyellowing, and super clarity

  3. Easy and fast installation, as fast as 15 mins

  4. IR Rejection (total amount of infrared rays rejected by the film) reaches 94%, blocking most of the heat out

  5. Protect people and interiors from UV (can block  99% UV light), no signal interruption 

  6. Anti-scratch, no water or rain marks, anti-yellowing, no oxidation, and no delamination.

Chemical Resistance Soap Mixture 
Soak test in Acid Oxalate 72 
Anti Fouling  Strongest Marker
Maxumum Temp 248°F/ 120°C
Elongation >200%